My first pig hunt


One day I was just sitting there in my room then I got a message from one of our family friends that said would I like to go pig hunting for the first time. So of course I said yes I was very excited to go. So we set off at 5:00am I felt excited and a bit tired. I didn’t think that we had to get up that early but I went anyway.

My first pig

So we got to the hunting spot and I could see heaps of mountains and hills, they had matagouri and tussock all over them. We hopped out of the truck climbed over the little hill and there it was my first boar, it was a black and brown spotted one. I saw it before Richard and I said “look there’s a pig” but the dogs couldn’t smell it because there was no wind or dew on the ground so we had to lift the dog up so that it could see it. As soon as the dog saw it it was off chasing the pig around up and down left and right until all the other dogs got there and we had it bailed up in the creek.

We rushed down there, I was a bit behind because it was my first time. Before I got down there I herd a bang and I could smell boar in the air and I quickly went down and stuck it. Then we gutted it and took it back to the truck. When we got home we weighed it and it weighed 100lbs not bad for my first pig. That was my first pig hunt. I’ve been on many more since then I was 12 then and now I’m nearly 15. I’m saving up for my own ute and pig dogs.

Max Askew