Big boar, Big loss


Big boar big loss

It was just like any other hunting trip. The dogs didn’t seem to keen until 8:30am then the dogs jumped off the ute and shot into the bush. Few minutes later dad and I heard a heap of grunting from a boar and the dogs were bailing. Dad and I raced into the bush as fast as we could. We bush bashed about 400 meters, when we finally reached the boar I thought to myself where’s Pearl (our main hunting dog) but we both wernt too worried about it since there was a 114lb (51.7 kg) boar in front of us.

After we jumped in and stuck it, we were calling out for Pearl we looked on the Garmin tracking unit, she was only 61M away so dad went to go find her, fearing the worst I stayed back to gut the boar. After 10 mins of waiting for dad and pearl to pop out of the scrub dad broke the news. Despite the rip collar on she was poked in the jugular. Our moment of joy turned Into Greif.

Dad explained the way she laid in peace showed that she had put up one hell of a fight, however ultimately the boar won the battle with pearl by sticking her in the jugular.

Author unknown

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