Tig holding him back to improve his hunting – Bill Westwood

The making of this hunt started five weeks earlier, it was at this time that Tig got 3 pokes in him from a 125 pound boar. I need to explain a wee bit about Tig, he is a dog that loves to make a pig run which was losing me a few Pigs. Without him on the hill Rastus and Bro have been catching a pig every time I take them out for a hunt. The other thing with Tig is I have been training him up to catch possums, now I know most pig hunters would be devastated if one of their dogs was catching possums. It was one of my old dogs Jeff that taught me the importance of having a good possum dog when you live in an area that is surrounded by forestry. One of Tigs best days on the possums was about 30 and as a bonus he caught a 75 pound boar. One of the other big advantages of having one specialist possum dog the other dogs can be trained that they are not allowed to participate in the catching of the possum.

Sloan Westwood holding the 125 pound boar that put three rips in Tig

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