Te Hapua , June 2017 – Taine Neho

I get about 30m away, Trenton was ahead of me. I whispered loudly to him "Trenton! heres the knife, don’t run in empty handed”! So he grabs this big bendy filleting knife off me and starts to creep in. I was thinking to myself this guy is crazy, its dark, i have the light and he’s the one creeping in..HA HA! so we’ve both crept in and were in the middle of the bail up. Trenton keeps saying to me "Taine shine the light shine the light". I could see the pig about 3m in front of me. Big black and ginger Boar chomping his jaw looking right at Trenton. I had no idea Trenton could see the pig in the darkness, I could see that the pig was in arms reach of him with his eyes locked right on Trenton instead of the dogs. I said to Trenton " watch out he’s right in front of you" he replied "i know". A second later


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